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Welcome to Vac2Go Vacuum Truck Rentals

Our rental vacuum truck fleet consists of Guzzler Classic wet/dry vacuum trucks, 407/412 DOT certified liquid vacuum trucks, Vactor 2100+ combination units, and Guzzcavator vacuum excavation trucks. All of our vacuum trucks are 2012, 2013, and 2014 models. Each vacuum truck is equipped with a state of the art GPS unit and all Guzzler Classics come with a green monster boom hose. Next time you roll onto your job site, make sure you are rollin’ with the best!

New Accessories Store!

We have launched our new Vacuum Truck Accessories Store so you can save time order your accessories online! Shop Online Now!

Latest Customer Testimonials

While building a new distribution center, we had several days of heavy rain but had not yet finished our roof construction. We used Vac2Go’s Guzzler Ace and Guzzler Classic trucks to pump the water out of our facility. In one week, we hauled over 100 tanks of water out of our facility.

You did what you said you would for the price you said you would and the customer was pleased with the results. Seems like a win/win deal.  THANK YOU for your timely and speedy response.  Certainly if things happen in that area again, we will call you. Nice to know someone that will get the job done.